Magento 1 Store Owners Need to Pay Attention

Magento 1 Platform is Death Throes

In less than 12-months, Magento 1 will no longer be supported by Magento Inc.

This will affect online stores running version 1 in financially unexpected ways.

For s start,  it will more than likely affect store owners cash flow. In fact, no cash will flow once the banks start cutting off Mage 1 stores, leaving store owners with no choice but to scramble to find another platform.

Magento 2 Upgrade Difficulty

The 'easy' route would seem to be an upgrade from M1 to M2 but this path is way more difficult that it looks. Stores with large numbers of products and customers suffer the most in the transition to Magento 2 and time budgets will stretch longer and longer.

Practically the major issue facing Magento 1 stores looking to upgrade in the next year will be lack of available expert resources to assist with the upgrade. There are only so many experienced Magento engineers available to go round.

Read all about it here: Magento Development UK BLOG

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