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How to Allow Users to Delete Their Account Data in Magento 2

A client came to us to implement a General Data Protection Regulation – or GDPR on their e-commerce webstore. One of her problems was that there is no way for a user to delete their account from the Magento profile page. This was one of the GDPR requirements.

[11 February 2020]

How to create configurable products using CSV spreadsheet Import

I have gone through the process of creating configurable products manually for quite a few sites and its very time consuming. So, I decided to work out how to do it using a spreadsheet.

Here’s how to make uploading of products in your catalog easier and to avoid the tedious process of creating configurables manually.

[17 January 2020]

How to Create Downloadable Products in M2

Downloadable products are as the name suggest pieces of electronic data that are sold on your site and are then downloaded. These can range anywhere from music and videos to programs and technical manuals.

How to create a new store view in Magento 2

Magento 2 is amazingly robust and customizable shopping platform. One of those customizations is the ability to have multiple languages, meaning customers can shop in their preferred language boosting the stores sales. To do this Magento 2 uses store views and language packs and this article will look at setting up a new store view.

[19 March 2019]

How to Create Configurable Products

Creating configurable products helps allows you to have products that give your customers options to them. Clothing stores could offer colour and sizes while tech stores have a tons of specifications that they need to account for. 

[10 May 2018]

How to Create Simple Products

A simple product is the most basic type of product in Magento and the most widely used. It is also the basis of Bundle, Configurable, Downloadable, Grouped and Virtual products.

[7 May 2018]

How to Set –up Shipping Rates in Magento 2 Without a Courier Plugin

Read this if you need to manually setup your Magento 2 Shipping Rates because your customer is working with a courier who does not provide Magento 2 extension.

[1 May 2018]

Online Store Server Scaling for those Black Friday Days

E commerce stores have occasional mad days, where activity levels go through the roof. Over the years, we have had experience managing and hosting many Magento online stores. This article discusses three straightforward ways in which you can plan and manage unusually busy days like Black Friday sales.

[4 April 2018]

Why you MUST add alt tags to your product images

Many Magento stores have product images that are uploaded with blank alt tags. This is a mistake and it is worth the time to make sure all your product images have useful text attached to them.

[16 June 2017] - Updated and expanded May 2018

How to Find MAGMI Faults and Product Import Errors

Struggling to get your MAGMI to import to run smoothly? Here are some common issues and helpful tips to aid your troubleshooting efforts. 

[14 August 2016]

Creating Custom Attribute Sets in Magento

Simple steps to create custom attribute sets in Magento. Most stores have products that need attribute sets because an attribute is a product type. Like a range of t-shirts in different colours and sizes.. 

[23 June 2016]

Magmi Magento Mass Importer – An Indispensable Tool

Most online stores need to be kick-started with a bulk upload of product data. When this is a requirement, Magmi is your go-to tool.
A little hard to learn in the beginning but it will save you hours and hours in the long run.

[23 June 2016]

Changing your Magento Admin URL

It is a good idea to change your Magento Admin URL.
It will prevent access to your default login screen and prevent brute force login attempts.

How to Enable Star Rankings for your Magento Product Reviews

Review Star Rankings are rich snippets that Google will use in search results if available. These rich snippets of structured data can only be used by Google if they are available in the first place. Here is how to enable them in your Magento Admin back-end.

[13 May 2016]

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