AMP Your Product Pages

AMP - Gary Iilyes quote from Pubcon

What is AMP?

  • Lightweight subset of HTML + JavaScript Library
  • Comes with a free CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Over 600 million pages cached already!
  • Growing at 4 million a week

Last month (September 2016) Google announced that AMP pages were becoming an official part of normal organic search results. Google does however maintain that AMP pages do not receive a rankings boost. They claim that when two versions of the same page exists, they will choose the MP page preferentially for a mobile device. Anecdotal evidence from discussions in Google Webmasters Office Hours show that some webmasters are nevertheless reporting improved rankings. Recent research shows that mobile users are beginning to realize the speed advantage of the pages, which contributes to their higher click thru rates.

How does AMP work?

In a nutshell AMP pages are slimmed down versions of your normal product detail pages. They implement a small subset of normal HTML and JavaScript commands to keep their payload low-bandwidth. Critically for speed, valid AMP pages are stored in Google's CDN (at no cost), allowing them to be served at light speed.

Diagram explaining how AMP works

As of last month, there were over 600 million AMP pages in the cache; an estimated 4 million are being added each week. You still have time to be one of the early adopters.

  • From an online store point of view AMP pages are Ideal for product detail pages and category landing pages

Not ready for use across an entire website – especially checkout pages

AMP Benefits

  • Not officially a ranking factor … anecdotal evidence
    suggests otherwise
  • Users preference for AMP pages will grow exponentially
  • Speed will drive users and drop bounce rates
  • Can be used instead of responsive site for mobile

 AMPing Your Magento Store

Extensions for automatically auto-creating AMP pages for products and categories are already available on Magento Connect. The extension I used for testing comes from PlumRocket and worked out of the box. All that is required is some patience and a careful reading of the instructions.

The hardest part was watching for the pages to appear in Search Console, which duly happened after about 10 days. Since then the reported number of pages in the cache has been steadily increasing.

AMP is Becoming More Important

  • Early adoption opportunity
  • Could rise as mobile becomes more dominant
  • EASY to add to your Magento

We have tested the PlumRocket extension, which worked out of the box

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