Get Your SEO Basics Right

Do not rely on your site having the best possible settings for SEO. These settings are often neglected in the push to finalize product data and in the general go-live frenzy. Once your site is live, go back and check SEO settings.

  • Configuration settings
  • Preferred domain
  • Product meta data
  • Category meta data
  • Product description optimization (Lots of work!)

SSL/TLS Your Site

Most of you will probably already have ticked this box, but just in case a secure certificate (TLS) IS a used by Google as a ranking signal. This makes a standard certificate a must and while you are at it consider going green with and EV cert.

Know Your Numbers

In this arena, your go-to tool is Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools)! While Google Analytics enjoys almost universal use, the beautiful data available in Search Console often does not get the attention it deserves. Your Search Console is your Swiss Army Knife of tools and reports, it give you access to the same data the Google Webmaster team use every day. Be sure to use it too.

Search Console will help you to monitor and adjust some of the implementations suggested in this talk, specifically in the area of Search Appearance and Crawl.

Another important area is Search Analytics, where you can directly monitor your progress in Google’s search results. The report is highly configurable and can filter clicks, impressions, click-thru-rates and the position of a page in the search results.  You can view different search types, devices and filter by specific search terms. Take the time to learn this tool!

Work on your Search Console

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