Magento SEO Basics for Your New Online Store

Absolute SEO for Magento Store Basics

The items below need to be done to any Magento site before or immediately after go-live.

Some of them take a lot of time but will return a lot of value for your client. 

System Settings - please check these:

  • Set - Auto-Redirect to Base URL to Yes (301 Moved Permanently). Do not use 302 Redirects! They are bad for SEO because the leave web crawlers in a state of doubt about URLs by suggesting the the redirect is NOT permanent and may need to be re-crawled in the future.
  • Set - Use Web Server Rewrites to Yes. This will prevent index.php appearing in your base URL.

Canonical URLs

Go to: System - Configuration – Catalogue set the following:

  • Canon links for categories  YES
  • Canon links for products  YES
  • Use Categories Path for Product URLs NO  (Prevents Magento from making several links all going to the same place. If this is set to yes, you’ll have a different link for every possible path a user could take to get to your product via categories)

This will fix the problem of multiple entries for products that appear in multiple categories.

The result will be that this canonical meta tag appears, which you can see if you view page source htML: <link rel="canonical" href="http://yoursite/TheProductName" />

Important: Once you have saved these settings you need to reindex your data. Go to System - Index Management and run reindex data).


Prevent HTML improvements message in G. Web Master Tools – Prevent pages with same name, title message

  • Default Description – must be blank
  • Default Keywords - must be blank
  • Default robots – must be INDEX, FOLLOW

Update (Oct 2016)

Under HTML Head:

  • Remove any text from Title Prefix! Since page titles are so important and Google considers words closer to the beginning of a title to be more important, it is pointless to waste this vital real estate with a repetition of your website name.
  • A better option is to use the Title Suffix for this purpose.

NB: NOW add Title and Descriptions page by page

1 - CMS Pages for each page in CMS pages

  • Meta Data – add description
  • Content – add Content Heading

2- Categories


  • Page Title
  • Meta descrip – Add

3- Products

  • Check product name

Meta Info:

  • Add meta title
  • Add meta descrip

Site Map

               Check that there is a default site map called sitemap.xml – Place this in the root.

ALWAYS do a careful scan through the entries in your site map! Check for duplicates or similar URL’s that can be produced. Be a detective and look for parameters like search and sort which can make a single product page point to a number of duplicate pages.

Of course you WILL remember to submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools!

Logo Alt Tag

               Always add logo alt tag.

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