Ericssons Mattress and Pine

Ericssons done by Synchrony Digital

Build us an eCommerce store that reflects our Family Brand and 50 years of service.


With over 50 years of service and 4 stores located in Pretoria and Johannesburg’s East Rand, Ericssons Mattress and Pine are one of South Africa’s foremost and most trusted Family owned Bed and Furniture retailers.

Having had an online store they were no stranger to eCommerce when their Digital Agency, New Media Design approached Syncrony Digital. Their original brief prior to meeting was to revitalise the current online store on the DNN(Dot Net Nuke) platform.

We convinced them to move to Magento the World’s #1, fully-fledged eCommerce platform. This in contrast to DNN which is a CMS (Content management System) designed for “information” sites and where the shop module is an add-on.

Magento offers them a platform which is markedly faster, easy to navigate, simple to administer and extremely stable. Part of the brief was functionality where they could showcase their specials using icons and set limited times for customer’s participation in the specials as well a blog where they could educate customers on how to correctly choose a bed.

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