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Build us an online store to compete in the Wellness and Fitness Sector

In the increasingly competitive world of Vitamin and Supplement sales, where pharmacy and supermarket chains are producing their own branded lines and new competitors enter the market every month, established Vitamin manufacturers and wholesalers whose largest percentage of revenue was from wholesaling, have had to find other revenue channels to survive.

When Holistix decided to turn to ecommerce for a new revenue stream they approached Syncrony to develop and design it. As a MD with a focus on diet and Welness, Syncrony CEO Dr Howard Rybko made this one of his "pet projects".

Ecommerce strategy 

Being a long established company in the health and wellness sector but a new player in the online retail space a clear strategy was required. This is where Syncony's ecommerce consulting team was employed.

Strategy dictated that 

  • One of the most important things to consider was the behaviour of an online consumer in this space. Consumers typically land on supplement websites after doing searches related to a health or fitness problem they want to solve;
  • The site content needed to Google friendly so that it ranked high in search results;
  • To endure itself to Google bots, the site needed to provide information that educates the consumer first and then sells them a solution second;
  • Getting the consumer to click through to Holistix was the first challenge, the next one was to ensure that browser was converted to a customer;
  • To do this the product display and ease of the buying and shipping process was paramount:
  • The look and feel of any wellness site is a key part of the strategy to make the consumer that lands on the site feel good about what he or she sees.

It was with all of this in mind that Syncrony's designers and developers built Holistix's online business. We also supply ongoing support in technical maintenance, online marketing, SEO and e-mail marketing.

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