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leading healthcare provider for more than 20 years 

SafMed: Specialists in infection prevention, decontamination & surgical support focusing in the CSSD and the operating-theatre have been leaders in the South African healthcare industry for more than 20 years.

Specialised medical equipment requires further consultation

Being a purveyor of specialised medical equipment which requires specialist consulting, they did not want to sell the products directly from their site in the traditional way, but wanted to showcase the catalogue of their products in the same way that a transactional site would, but instead of a shopping cart they wanted to provide information downloads to the browser, who would then contact them for further consultation.

Magento community edition platform

To do this Syncrony utilised the Magento Community edition platform and loaded the products as digital products instead of physical products that most ecommerce stores require. We included a specialised documentation management system  for information PDF downloads. Features such as “mouse over” zoom for product were included.

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