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How to Enable Star Rankings for Magento Product Reviews

Rich Snippet Review Markup

If your site sells products, genuine customer reviews will help you to gather more sales. Magento provides good review functionality, which is often not enabled for star ratings by default.

It is easy to tell if your review stars are enabled. Simply browse to a product and try to add a review. If your review entry screen looks similar to the image below, then read on and I will tell you how to fix it in a jiffy.

Enabling Magento Review Stars

  • Login to your Admin back-end
  • Browse to Catalog - Reviews and Ratings
  • Click Manage Ratings
  • There are usually three default ratings: Price, Quality, Value
  • Click Add New Rating and the Rating Information screen will come up
  • For your Default Value enter:¬†Overall Rating
  • Leave Default Store View blank
  • Select the Store View if you have multiple stores or else leave it alone
  • Sort Order can be 0 (zero)

Save your work and then on the front-end browse to another product and try to add a review.

If all went well, your screen should now have a row of stars! And will now look like this: