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5 Ways to Boost Online Sales While Lowering Ad Spend

Interesting SEO paper delivered at Magento Live in Sydney.

Outlines five critical aspects of Search Engine Optimization work that every Magento store owner should implement. This will maximize product visibility is online searches.

Using Schemas to Enhance Local Business Search Presence

Adding a structure called a schema, that defines your customer’s address can enhance its appearance in web search results and get your customers better rankings as a bonus.

[26 June 2016]

About Schemas and Rich Snippets and Schema.Org

By using schemas in your webpages, you can greatly enhance the appearance of your search results and receive better rankings to boot. Here is a quick explanation about Shema.Org and rich snippets, including uses, benefits and links to resources that will make your life easier.

[14 March 2016]

Magento Product Meta Information the Right Way

How to improve search engine rankings by adding well structured product meta tags to your Magento online store. And why you should not leave it up to Magento to populate the critical meta Title and me... 

[20 June 2016]

Magento SEO Basics for Your New Online Store

A short check-list of the minimum adjustments to make to a new Magento store before it goes live. Some of the items are quick wins while others unfortunately are A LOT OF WORK!
Good luck.

[19 June 2016]

How to Enable Star Rankings for your Magento Product Reviews

Review Star Rankings are rich snippets that Google will use in search results if available. These rich snippets of structured data can only be used by Google if they are available in the first place. Here is how to enable them in your Magento Admin back-end.

[13 May 2016]

Keywords Meta Tags Not Used by Search Engines

Dont waste your time adding meta keywords to your pages! Rather leave them blank. It is a better strategy that simply pasting in lots of keywords, which can sometimes produce negative results.

[29 May 2016]

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