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What’s new in Magento-2.3.7-2.4.x - Quarterly Update-Upgrades

Adobe Nasdaq: ADBE entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Magento Commerce for $1.68 billion and it has been a while since Monday, May 21, 2018.

They have certainly provided consistent updates over a quarterly period, that keep product upgrades simple and always catering with added new features or new improvements

There are also many extensions available online and the marketplace is constantly growing. Magento provides patches and security updates for each quarterly release but all dates are always subject to change.

May 5, 2021

2.3.7, 2.4.x

  • Added the Float Comparator topic.

2.3.x, 2.4.x

  • Added the Math Random topic to the Extension Dev Guide.

May 6, 2021

2.3.7, 2.4.x

  • Published release notes for the 1.0.22 Magento Quality Patch (MQP) package release.

2.x Major Update

  • Add instructions for installing and using Composer 2 in Cloud Starter and Pro projects.

May 10, 2021

2.3.7, 2.4.x

  • Published Magento Cloud Patches v1.0.10 release notes.

Magento 2 Scheduled Releases for 2021

2021 Q21 2.4.2-p1
Mar 30, 2021 Apr
11, 2021
2021 Q32 2.4.3
Jul 27, 2021 Jul
Augt 10, 2021
2021 Q43 2.4.3-p1
None Sep 28, 2021 Oct 12, 2021

*Dates subject to change.

About the author

Caylen Ho Chung

Caylen is our Magento stock/product specialist.

He spends some of his after-hours time learning more about Magento, which he loves!